Spring Training Conference Scholarship

The IaAWP offers a scholarship for recent Iowa Law Enforcement or Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy graduates.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Recipient must attend the IaAWP Spring Training Conference during the year that they are selected in order to receive the scholarship.
  2. Recipient will attend the IaAWP Spring Training Conference under the terms of the scholarship guidelines.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. The scholarship will include the following:
    1. IaAWP Spring Training Conference registration.
    2. A room at the conference hotel, for the night before and the first night of the conference.
    3. One year of dues for the IaAWP.
  2. The recipient must attend all functions of the two day conference.
  3. The recipient will accept their scholarship recognition award at the awards ceremony at the Annual Spring Membership Meeting and be added in the minutes.
  4. A maximum of five recipients will receive the scholarship per year.
  5. Recipients will be selected via a random drawing by an Executive Board Member from recent academy graduates.
  6. Recent academy graduate is defined as an individual who has graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement or Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy within the past two years.
  7. Invitation letters will be mailed by an IaAWP Executive Board Member advising the recipient of the scholarship and requesting an RSVP no later than thirty days before the scheduled date of the IaAWP Spring Training Conference.
  8. The IaAWP Treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that the covered expenses of the scholarship recipients have been paid prior to their arrival at the conference.

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Return completed form to the current President of the IaAWP.