IaAWP ByLaws

Last updated October 15, 2019.



The name of this corporation is the Iowa Association of Women Police, hereafter known as IaAWP.



The term for which this corporation is organized shall be perpetual.

Upon the dissolution of this corporation of the cessation of its affairs, the assets of the corporation shall be distributed exclusively to the International Association of Women Police (IAWP), a non-profit organization.



The purpose of this organization is to promote professionalism; to serve as a support group; create a pool of knowledge available to every member to help deal with problems members may experience as the result of our profession; and increase the number of qualified women hired and promoted to positions of responsibility.



ACTIVE MEMBERS – All full-time law enforcement officers with the power of arrest who are paid with public funds of any municipality, county, state or territory of any country, are eligible for active membership in this corporation. Members in good standing after retirement from active duty, have the privilege of continuing as an active member upon payment of dues. Active members have the right to vote and hold office/executive board positions.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS – All retired law enforcement officers who join after retirement, all part-time law enforcement officers paid by public funds, all law enforcement students and any individual who by training, experience or other professional attainments in law enforcement work, as determined by the Membership, including those publicly employed as security officers, may become associate members of this corporation. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active membership except that of holding an executive board position.

SUSTAINING MEMBERS – Any individual interested in fostering the aims and objectives of this Association may become a sustaining member. A sustaining member shall have all the privileges of an active membership except those of holding office or executive board positions.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP – The status of Life membership shall be presented honorarily to those active members, upon approval of the Membership, who have exhibited distinguished leadership to further the aims and objectives of the IaAWP through service, example, and/or assistance. Life members shall retain all privileges of active membership, but their membership dues shall be waived. Lifetime membership shall be given to any member who is awarded Officer of the Year by the Iowa Association of Women Police. Any member who is awarded an Honorary Mention for Officer of the Year will have their Membership fee waived for a period of 5 years.

Members will act in a manner bringing credit to the themselves and the IaAWP. Failure to act in this manner will result in termination of membership privileges as determined by the Executive Board. A terminated member will be allowed to present an appeal of their termination to the Executive Board within 60 days of that termination. The Executive Board will have the final vote.



Annual membership dues shall be $10 per year or a one time dues payment of $120 can be made by any member.

Said dues shall be payable upon joining the Association and thereafter dues will be collected annually at the Spring Training Conference for joining or renewing members. If an active member is not able to attend the Spring Training Conference, dues may be sent to the Treasurer for up to 30 days after the Spring Training Conference ending. Reminder notices shall be sent to the members who fail to pay their dues 30 days after the Spring Training Conference ends.
Dues not paid before the Annual Fall Membership Meeting shall be deemed delinquent and shall be cause for cessation of membership, announcements, potential for awards, scholarships, and/or donations.

Dues will be subject to change by amendment and membership vote.


EXECUTIVE BOARD: shall consist of:

  • President
  • President – Elect
  • Treasurer


  • Advisor: The immediate Past President shall serve in an advisory capacity to lend advice and assistance whenever called upon by the current board.
  • Editor: Shall be appointed by the President and is responsible for the production/distribution of the newsletters and internet web page of this organization.
  • Publicity Chairperson: Shall be appointed by the President and shall coordinate all publicity and fund raising activities, with prior approval of the Executive Board.
  • Conference Chairperson: Shall be appointed by the Board and shall coordinate the annual Spring Training Conference.
  • Finance Committee: Shall consist of two or more IaAWP members appointed by the Board and shall review income and expenses of the IaAWP.



The term of office of President-Elect and Treasurer shall be (2) years, elected in even numbered years, by majority vote of those members who cast ballots. After the term of the President expires, the President-Elect will assume the role of President and the Immediate past President will assume the role of Advisor for an additional two (2) years.

The nominations for President-Elect and Treasurer shall be presented by the membership in attendance at the annual Spring membership business meeting. Nominations will be solicited from the voting Membership via the newsletter of the IaAWP. Nominations may be submitted via email or in writing no later than August 1st of an election year. The slate of officers seeking election will be printed in the newsletter, emailed, and/or mailed to each voting member at least thirty (30) days prior to the election. An election will then be conducted via mail or email with the results being announced at the annual Fall Meeting.

The term of office of the Editor and the Publicity Chairperson shall be two (2) years, with installation on odd numbered years.

The term of office of the Conference Chairperson shall begin upon the Board’s acceptance of an official letter of support from the host city’s Chief/Sheriff/Director and shall end upon completion of the Spring Training Conference.

The term of office of the Finance Committee shall be appointed by the Board every 2 years unless unable to perform the duties put forward.



(A) Duties of the President:

  • Responsible for coordinating the efforts of the Executive Board, Officers and Committees.
  • Call and conduct the annual Spring membership meeting and the Fall membership meeting and notify the Membership of the date, time, and place at least thirty (30) days prior to each meeting.
  • Oversee/Review/Coordinate with the editor, the IaAWP Newsletter including the establishment of the publication deadlines and notifying the Membership of said deadlines
  • Assist in training and preparing the President-Elect to take over the duties/responsibilities of the Presidency.
  • Respond to written and verbal requests for information or action, either personally or by delegation.
  • Represent the IaAWP, or appoint an individual to serve as a representative, should the IaAWP’s presence be required at any event.
  • Shall be responsible for the historical records of the Association.

(B) Duties of the President-Elect:

  • Shall in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President.
  • Shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the Association. A copy of those said minutes shall be delivered to each member of the Executive Board within thirty (30) days after each meeting. A synopsis of the same minutes shall be published in the next Newsletter, which is distributed.
  • Shall be responsible for assisting the President in all areas where needed to become familiar with all facets of the working operation of this organization so as to be prepared to fill the office of the Presidency and shall perform such duties as assigned by the President.
  • Shall act as the Research Coordinator who shall collect relevant articles, information, research papers, and maintain the by-laws of the Association.

(C) Duties of the Treasurer:

  • Shall be responsible for all financial transactions of the Association, received and deposit all funds belonging to the Association in an approved bank or banks.
  • Shall be responsible for producing an Annual Financial Statement, which shall be delivered to each member of the Executive Board no later than January 31st of each year. This Financial Statement shall be required to be published in the next Newsletter distributed after January 31st of each year.

(D) Duties of the Advisor:

  • Shall act in an advisory capacity to the President and Executive Board.
  • Such other duties as deemed necessary by the President.

(E) Duties of the Editor:

  • Shall produce and distribute a quarterly newsletter, which shall be the official publication of the IaAWP.
  • Edit items submitted for publication.
  • Shall submit final draft of publication to the President for review and approval prior to any distribution.
  • Solicit articles and/or advertising for each publication.
  • Shall be responsible for maintaining the Associations internet web page and social media accounts.
  • Review/Coordinate with the President, the IaAWP Newsletter including the establishment of the publication deadlines and notifying the Membership of said deadlines.
  • Shall be in charge of mailing lists, conduct correspondence as directed by the President, and also be responsible for keeping copies of communications.

(F) Duties of the Publicity Chair:

  • Shall research and obtain price quotes for products and/or merchandise, which can be sold to the Membership.
  • Shall obtain merchandise with approval of the Executive Board and maintain an inventory list of all items in stock for sale to Membership.
  • Submit ad to Newsletter for publication, which list items for sale, price of each item and where orders can be mailed to.
  • Respond promptly to all written and verbal request for merchandise.
  • Maintain a display of items for sale to the Membership during any/all general Membership meetings and conduct sales.
  • Promptly submit all invoices to the Treasurer for payment. Promptly submit any/all moneys collected, along with an itemized list of items sold, to the Treasurer for deposit.
  • Research other means of raising money through, but not limited to donations, raffles, and auctions.

(G) Duties of the Conference Chair:

  • Shall obtain permission from their respective Chief/Sheriff/Director prior to committing to hosting a spring training conference
  • Shall coordinate, schedule, and plan the annual 2-day Spring Training Conference.
  • Develop Conference Committee to assist with the planning and development of Spring Training Conference.
  • Shall research means of fundraising money for the assigned conference through, but not limited to donations, raffles, and auctions, with all monies being sent to and paid by the IaAWP.
  • Shall coordinate facilities/hotel reservations for the conference with the approval of the Executive Board.
  • Shall have monthly meetings with the conference committee to discuss progress on planning and keep the Board updated on the progress.
  • Respond to all inquiries for information by the Board in a timely manner.

(H) Duties of the Finance Committee:

  • Shall consist of 2 or more members of the IaAWP.
  • Shall review financial statements and information two times yearly.
  • Shall report back to the President of any issues or discrepancies related to the financial review.
  • Shall audit the income and expenses of the Association when requested by the members.
  • Shall review receipts, checkbook, and bank statements for accuracy.
  • Shall sign off on the Treasurer’s financial statement prior to the spring and fall business meetings.



The Annual Spring Membership Meeting shall be held in conjunction with the annual two-day training conference. The meeting shall be in the month designated by the Conference Chair. All members shall be notified via the IaAWP official publication or via a separate mailing of the time, place and location of said annual general membership meeting at least thirty (30) days in advance.

A Fall General Membership Meeting shall be called by the President to conduct business of the Association and in the even numbered years to hold an Election and to install new officers of the Association.

The President shall call any/all General Membership Meetings to order to include a Treasurer report; voting on any/all amendments to the by-laws; and any other business pertaining to this Association.



A quarterly newsletter will be published by the Editor.

Any articles or information for the quarterly newsletter shall be submitted through the President by the 15th of the month preceding publication.



Any amendments to the Iowa Association of Women Police BY-LAWS must be submitted in writing to the President sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Spring Membership Meeting or the Annual Fall Membership Meeting. The President shall then notify the Membership in writing of the proposed changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the next scheduled meeting via the IaAWP Official Publication, internet web site, email, or under a separate mailing. The amendment shall be voted upon with a two-thirds majority vote of those in attendance needed to pass such amendment.



Funds of this Association may be used to assist Active Members in attending the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) annual training conferences in the following manner.

$500.00 may be paid to the President to assist in offsetting expenses to attend the IAWP Conference.

$300.00 may be paid to the President-Elect to assist in offsetting expenses to attend the IAWP Conference.

$200.00 may be paid to the Treasurer to assist in offsetting expenses to attend the IAWP Conference.



Must be an Active Association member in good standing.

Nominated by a supervisor or another member of Association, in writing, with qualifications listed on the nomination.

Qualifications may include any or all of the following:

  • Excellence through superior attention to duty or outstanding investigation efforts that results in the identification, location, or arrest of a major criminal or criminal activity.
  • Act of bravery or heroism, at risk to personal safety or in the face of great danger, and above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Distinguished community involvement related to law enforcement.
  • Distinguished support, mentoring and assistance to women in law enforcement.
  • Awards received and/or special commendations received.

Nominations will be accepted up to one month prior to the annual training conference or at the discretion of the President.

Final selection is to be made by the Board prior to the annual Spring Membership Meeting.

The International Association of Women Police will be notified of the IaAWP’s recipient of this award.

Article XIV:


Eligibility Requirements

  1. Applicant must be an active member, in good standing, with the IaAWP, reference Articles IV &V.
  2. Awarded scholarship money must be used for one of the following purposes:
    1. Continuing education for professional development.
    2. Attendance at the IaAWP spring training conference.
    3. Attendance at the annual International Association of Women Police training conference.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. All scholarship applicants may apply by mail or email to the executive board of the IaAWP.
  2. The scholarship will only be awarded to an applicant one time, with no scholarship larger than $250. ​If the scholarship is for the IaAWP annual spring training conference, the award may exceed the $250 limit if the cost of hotel, registration, and member dues exceeds $250.
  3. The application must be submitted at least 90 days before the money is needed.
  4. A maximum of two scholarships will be awarded per year.
  5. Final selection will be made by a unanimous vote of the IaAWP Executive Board.
  6. Upon final selection by the IaAWP Executive Board, a board member will call the scholarship recipient and inform them of the award. A board member will follow the phone call with an official letter to the recipient and the IaAWP Treasurer.
  7. The IaAWP Treasurer will keep a record of the names of scholarship recipients, the year their scholarship was awarded, and for what purpose the scholarship was awarded. The recipient’s name will be announced at the Annual Spring Membership Meeting and added to the minutes.

Scholarship Considerations

  1. Length of membership in the IaAWP.
  2. Prior service to the IaAWP.
  3. Attendance at IaAWP or IAWP events.
  4. Financial need of the applicant.
  5. The applicant’s narrative reflecting why they deserve the scholarship.
  6. Volunteer work performed in the law enforcement field.
  7. Volunteer work in the applicant’s community.
  8. The applicant followed the directions of the scholarship application requirements.
  9. Recent Iowa Law Enforcement or Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy Graduates.

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Recipient must attend the IaAWP Spring Training Conference during the year that they are selected in order to receive the scholarship and follow the below guidelines.

Scholarship Guidelines

  1. The scholarship will include the following:
    1. IaAWP Spring Training Conference registration.
    2. A room at the conference hotel, for the night before and the first night of the conference.
    3. One year of dues for the IaAWP.
  2. The recipient must attend all functions of the two day conference.
  3. The recipient will accept their scholarship recognition award at the awards ceremony at the Annual Spring Membership Meeting and be added in the minutes.
  4. A maximum of two recipients will receive the scholarship per year.
  5. Recipients will be selected by the Executive Board from all qualified applicants.
  6. Recent academy graduate is defined as an individual who has graduated from the Iowa Law Enforcement or Iowa Department of Public Safety Academy or a recognized regional academy within the past two years.
  7. Invitation letters will be mailed or emailed to the recipient by an IaAWP Executive Board Member advising the recipient of the scholarship and requesting an RSVP no later than thirty days before the scheduled date of the IaAWP Spring Training Conference.
  8. The IaAWP Treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that the covered expenses of the scholarship recipients have been paid prior to their arrival at the conference.



Any request for a monetary donation to another non-profit charity in the name of Iowa Association of Women Police will be submitted in writing or email by an IaAWP member in good standing to a board member at least 45 days prior to the Spring of Fall Meeting date.

All requests received in a timely manner will be added to the Spring or Fall Meeting agenda. The requesting members will each be afforded a brief amount of time to present their request at the meeting. A time limit will be imposed as necessary by the meeting chairperson.

Motions for donations will be tabled until all requests have been presented. Motions must be carried by two-thirds vote of those in attendance. Any representative from the charity will be required to leave the room prior to voting.

The IaAWP will limit total non-profit giving to $500 a year.

This section does not pertain to any funds raised specifically for a designated charity by the IaAWP.



Donations to the Flower Fund shall be kept separate from any general funds. This fund strictly consists of voluntary donations from members.

Funds from this account shall be used to cover flowers, cards and memorials for sick, injured, or deceased association members or immediate family members of association members when deemed appropriate by the board of directors.

Funds can also be used for flowers, cards, and memorials for any law enforcement officer when deemed appropriate by the board of directors.