Membership Types

Active – All full-time law enforcement officers, with the power of arrest, who are paid by public funds of any municipality, county, state or territory of any country. Members in good standing, after retirement from active duty, have the privilege of continuing as active members by payment of annual dues. Active members shall be allowed to vote and hold office.

Associate – All retired and part-time law enforcement officers paid by public funds and any individual who by training, experience or other professional attainments in the field of law enforcement as determined by the board of directors, including those publicly employed in other areas of police work and those privately employed as security officers, may become associate members with all privileges of active membership except that of holding office.

Sustaining – Any individual interested in fostering the aims and objectives of this Association may become a sustaining member. A sustaining member shall have all the privileges of an active membership except those of holding office or executive board positions.

Life Membership – The status of Life membership shall be presented honorarily to those active members, upon approval of the Membership, who have exhibited distinguished leadership to further the aims and objectives of the IaAWP through service, example, and/or assistance. Life members shall retain all privileges of active membership, but their membership dues shall be waived.

Membership Registration

Dues are $10 yearly or a one time $120.00 fee for lifetime membership. If you attend the Spring Training Conference, your yearly dues are included in the cost of the conference registration.

Send membership payment to the IaAWP Treasurer:
Tiffany Creekmur
c/o Mason City Police
P.O. Box 44
Mason City, IA. 50402